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Order information
🍀 You wish to immortalize a loved one (a person, an animal), or offer an original gift (architectural portrait or other realization...) : The steps are very simple. 

Your choices

🍃 In order for me to realize the portrait that corresponds to your desires and expectations, you must choose two elements:

The size of the painting

🍀 Packing and shipping costs on request. For larger sizes,
please let me know so we can discuss it

Photography of the subject(s)

🍃 I work from the photos you offer me. It's up to you to choose a photo that will serve as a model for the general attitude, but I really appreciate having others to add as much detail as possible to the picture.
🍀 If you don't like something in your picture, you can ask me to change it as long as it is a detail. However, don't forget to let me know before I start the portrait!

Have you made your choice? You are ready to order.

🍃 To let me know about your order, send me your format indications, any questions you may have, your expectations, go to the site, Contact tab.

🍀 After my answer, you can send me your photos for the model, and I will tell you the feasibility of your project. All you will have to do is to pay a validation deposit.

🍃 Finally, please note that you have the possibility to choose the other parameters of your painting: the background colour, a possible inscription (the first name of your animal for example), the arrangement of the subjects... You are free to direct the work from A to Z or to let the artist judge if you prefer.

The payment

🍀 Payment is made by cheque (for people living in France), by bank transfer or by PayPall.
A deposit of 20% is required before the beginning of the painting in order to validate your order (you can also pay the totality if you prefer).

🍃 Once the portrait has been completed, I will send you a digital preview so that you can decide if the final rendering is suitable for you, or if you wish to make any changes.

🍀 Once you are completely satisfied with the work, the rest of the payment can be made and the painting will be shipped immediately.
Please note: if you wish, you can pay in two or three installments free of charge if you reside in France.

The shipping

🍃 I use different packaging depending on the works. Cardboard or plywood packages depending on the formats ensure safe transport without the risk of folding or damaging your order.

🍀 The shipping itself usually takes between 48 and 72 hours, but the time it takes to complete the painting varies depending on the number of orders I have to make: It can range from 1 to 2 months.

🍃 If you need more information or if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me.

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